How I turned mistakes into more customers. 

Hello women in business NI - my name is Moira Ní Ghallachóir, CEO and founder of mng, I've just joined WIB. mng started as a modest sole trader mid 2013 creating unique events with local services in West Donegal. In 2015 we became 'mng Ventures Ltd. I work with small business owners and teach them how to find ideal clients, make more money and create their ideal life. I do that by way of business coaching, professional speaking and leading business training groups. 

 I'd like to share with you 4 of my biggest mistakes in business and how I turned each of them into more customers. I hope it's useful in 2016 - here's to an outstandingly successful year for all of us. 

1 -  Planning for 3 years not 3 months:

In the last year I've become meticulous in planning my daily activity right down to the hour and its working wonders. Focusing on a short term plan over a three or give year plan and renewing that plan every 90 days has turned my business around from 'some customers' to lots of customers from all over the world. I now know exactly how many customers I need, how to attract them and where to find them. 

2 – Speaking in the third person:

I've learned that the human connection is everything in business, even more so nowadays in this globalised world. Being a small business owner is a good thing, so be proud of it and don't pretend to be a massive company that doesn't have the time to speak directly to customers. Sometimes I read BIO’s/About pages and wonder who are they speaking to? It can look as though you couldn’t be bothered to write it yourself. I find with my clients that 9 times out of ten there's an amazing personal story that’s not being told, a story that will connect with customers instantly.

3 - Talking about process not the outcome the process delivers:

As business owners we're all amazing at talking about our process of what we do, we could talk about it all day long. Problem is our clients don’t care about the process they care about the outcomes - what’s in it for them. Talking about outcomes your service or product provides attracts more customers and ultimately grows your business! When you get your head around outcomes over process customers start appearing everywhere. And this can be as simple as changing the way you talk about your business. Imagine if you were turning business away in 2016 all because you were being more authentic about what your business makes possible? Its that easy. 

4 -  Not being consistent:

Have you ever felt like you're running around doing everything but feel like nothing was getting done and it was stressing your out? Lack of consistency was huge for me, I was doing the headless chicken. In the last quarter of this year I've trebled my customer base through consistent activity. The trick was working out what my business building activities were and breaking that down into clusters. Then I was consistent daily and I promise you the results speak for themselves.

Moira ní Ghallachóir CEO mng Ventures Ltd

Moira ní Ghallachóir CEO mng Ventures Ltd

Some of the results in just the past few months include a motivational speaker who got clearer on her goals and secured her first paying clients as a result of our work together. I've helped an entrepreneur with a business idea he has been struggling with for years - removed the obstacles that were preventing progress and created a plan of action to get things moving now. A therapist learned about talking less about their process and focused on what their therapy makes possible has resulted in a full practise of clients and booked out workshops all over the world.

If this sounds like something you’d love to explore and be considered for the few available openings, just go to the link below to fill out the short questionnaire. After that, if I feel that we might be a fit, I will send a link to my calendar and we can get on the phone for a short chat to talk about how this will work. I have several great options to work with me depending on where you are and where you want to go with your business. And I would love for 2016 to be the turning point for your business you always remember. Leave a comment, ask me any questions.... 

Go raibh míle maith agat.