Rock climbing on Cruit Island with Unique Ascent

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Hanging onto a rock for dear life was not something I planned on doing, until, being invited on a taster session with Iain Miller from Unique Ascent.
What a total challenge this was, and am I delighted to have had the opportunity to try this undiscovered and unique sport. I was more than a little dubious when told “all you need is gym wear and sense of humor”, well, I knew I had a pair of trainers somewhere......
Meeting point in Cruit at 11am, where we headed further onto Cruit Island in clear view of the spectacular Donegal Thatched Cottages.
The sea cliffs in Cruit are some of the best in the world, if not the best.
It was daunting looking up and wondering if I would even get on to the thing never mind climb to the top. Iain, a total professional and gentleman, was more than encouraging and supportive. His sheer enthusiasm talking about rock climbing and in particular Cruit, Donegal was contagious to say the least.

Safety first, double checking, knotting, linking and double knotting, Iain Miller was off climbing up the cliff, slithering up more like, as though climbing a steep stairway, leaving a trail for us to follow.

I was up next and and Iain could sense the tension, “would it be awful if i didn’t do it, I said”, looking up with fear. Iain talked me through what exactly was going to happen and reassured me that I was safe, and somehow I started rock climbing.

It was both frightening and totally exhilarating and I can’t believe I am saying this, but not that difficult. There were points where I just couldn’t see how I could get any further, but I did, all the way to the top with lots of encouragement from my mentor.

Anyone can do this if I can, anyone and with Iain Miller there, it will be enjoyable, interesting, fun and breathtaking. Good luck!

Iain does a range of climbs to suit all, don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your unique ascent.


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