Na Friel sisters agus An Scoil Ghiemhridh - "Total immersion in ceol agus craic!"

 The Friel sisters, a vibrant traditional Irish music and song group hailing from Glasgow reckon An Scoil Gheimhridh is one of the highlights of their year. They never miss it! We think their enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

Read on to hear what they have to say.


It’s festivals like these that you truly learn the most; where you can play sessions alongside your idols, and most importantly make memories (and hopefully tunes and songs!) that last a lifetime!
— Friel sisters

"For new comers to the winter school, what would you tell them about it?

Where have you been?! It’s one of the highlights of our year. The Frankie Kennedy Winter School shaped our music from a young age and brought us some of our closest friends and we’re looking forward to this continuing through Scoil Gheimhridh Gaoth Dobhair.

There’s something about gathering to play music together and having a bit of devilment at this time of year that’s pretty special. Through the snow, rain and North Atlantic winds we all travel to play music and learn meeting people from all parts of the globe and of course welcome in a New Year in style!

"Is it ever too late to begin learning an instrument? What advice would you give to an adult thinking of trying their hand at the fiddle or the whistle?

Absolutely not! You’re never too late to pick up an instrument, just like you’re never too young to start listening. And that would be the advice we’d give – never stop listening: you absorb so much more than you think. And listen to lots of different instruments and styles to help shape your own style. We’re all still learning!

Even if you don’t fancy straying into the dark side of instruments and tunes, the winter school this year has plenty of other fantastic classes from sean-nós dancing to art and crafts and Ranganna Gaeilge. We’d love to go to them but unfortunately we’d have to clone ourselves to experience them all! The workshops are set to be fantastic!