Rock agus Roamers ag an Caberet Craicailte Márta 29 2014

Take a group of international students to West Donegal for the weekend, add a vibrant selection of outdoor adventure activities, rock climbing, sailing, hill walking, sea kayaking, feed them well and then take them to one of Ireland's best, if not the best Irish Music nights in country and you've got an unforgettable Rock agus Roam experience!

Gan doubt, seo an oiche gaelach is fearr atá ar fáil! Craic amach agus ceol ar feabhas.

Talk about appreciation for Irish music, and the Irish language, this group immersed themselves and loved every minute. Ag foghlaim dupla focal chomh maith agus mise (mng) ag foghlaim giota Cantonese!

Brilliant group from China and Malaysia with Gareth Doherty who took them sailing. Bhain siad sult iontach as an taithí.

Brilliant group from China and Malaysia with Gareth Doherty who took them sailing. Bhain siad sult iontach as an taithí.

From China and Malaysia, bhain siad sult iontach as an taithí / they took great enjoyment from the evening. Jiyuan from China (above second from right), is a film student, he chose Ireland because of his love for the film Ryans Daughter. "I've been to more than half the counties in Ireland now, and Donegal is by far the best for me. Its so beautiful, rugged, friendly people, natural and the wonderful culture, I love the music, the language, its beautiful".

Agus nuair a chuir sé ceist orm an raibh aithne agam ar ceoltóir cáilúil as an Dún na nGall, Enya? Thobair gur léim sé fríd a díon le díogras! Detour tigh Leo amárach a dúirt mé leis.

When asked if I knew a famous local singer name Enya from Donegal, he nearly flew through the roof with excitement, so in mng fashion, he will get a special trip into Leos tavern before returning to Dublin.

Front seats don scaifte seo, ní raibh said ag iarraidh i dhátha mhissáil. They didn't want to miss a thing. Love love love the American vibe, so much appreciation and enthusiasm for Irish culture.

Rock agus Roam is proud to have hosted such a wonderful group, and we hope to have you back soon.

Rock agus Roam is an adventure and culture experience in West Donegal. A vibrant selection of outdoor activities including, rock climbing, sea kayaking, sailing, hill walking, leave no trace shore walking and yoga are just some of what you can expect. All with native speaking expert guides in mind blowing locations.

The next Rock agus Roam takes place on the 5th and 6th April, still taking bookings. Or contact us and we can design one for your group, no matter how big or small.