7 Take Aways from Donegal Women in Business Conference 2015! #WomenBeyondBorders

Today was my very first event with Donegal Women in Business and it was brilliant, I took my best friend and I'm so glad we went. How cool is it to be in a room filled with other entrepreneurs? 

I got so much from this event I wanted to share:

1 – There’s never a right time to start the journey to self-employment, just go for it. Make the decision, then make the decision right. Just do it! With WIB you have support!

2 – Business is about people, never forget that and its how you make them feel that matters, people buy from people – Be Yourself in business, you sell you best by just being you. Samantha Kelly

3 – I loved this from Leona of Broighter Gold -  "Using what you have in your own place". This is so true, we tend to look beyond what we have in our reach. For me, building my business over the last 4 years, I didn't look further than my place. Place can be so powerful in business. 

4 – You can secure major accounts using Twitter to connect with potential clients, by just using the resources you have to build your business from home, mother of two Leona of Broighter Gold had little knowledge of marketing - she just did it!! I love that. 

5 -  "The days of pension and a job for life are long gone, you can carve out a life yourself in rural ireland and still work on a global platform, inspired by place and bonded with the community in which you live"  – hear hear Kathy Donaghy - Fabulous dress!

6 – Samantha Kelly – You just don’t know where your next customer or client is going to come from, speak to everyone, call everyone, don’t choose and don’t judge. (I met a potential client on the loo today) 

7 - Introducing who you are what you do takes a lot of guts, I loved the opportunity Samantha Kelly opened up today for people to say who they are and what they do. That was powerful and for me one of the most inspiring moments of the whole event! Nice one Samantha. 

A fabulous bit of networking with Donegal Women in Business, roll on 2016!

Ar aghaidh linn in 2016 le Gréasán Gnó Mhná Dhín na nGall. 

Is mise Moira Ní Ghallachóir, I'm based in Gweedore, West Donegal and I've worked my ass off to build my business in tourism. By making difference locally helping people have a dream experience in Ireland. After 4 years of getting to know what works, I'm now helping people build their dream businesses with clients from Donegal to America and all from this wee corner of Ireland. I'm so grateful for my best friend Sally Murphy who without her support and unique creativity and faith in me I would've struggled. Its a simple thing having the support of another woman, but so feckin powerful all the same! 

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Slán go fóill. 


Moira Ní Ghallachóir and Sally Murphy - Donegal Women in Business 2015 #WomenBeyondBorders

Moira Ní Ghallachóir and Sally Murphy - Donegal Women in Business 2015 #WomenBeyondBorders