Donegal is just like Co. Clare but without the tourists

Dolmen, The Burren. 

Dolmen, The Burren. 

I'm just back from a wonderful week down the West coast of Ireland, in The Burren in Co. Clare, wow. The Burren is hopping with tourists, it has been this way for years but now more than ever. I saw so many tour buses packed with tourists.

Donegal is a lot like Co. Clare but without the tourists and steady stream of buses. Co. Clare is overrun with visitors and Donegal is the undiscovered corner of Ireland tucked away on the edge of Europe with few visitors, although our secret is slowly getting out. I found myself wondering as I watched all the buses 'are those tourists really experiencing Ireland? I know some travellers prefer the commercial hotspots, the standard Irish experience and that can be a wonderful but perhaps they're not aware that there are alternatives. Ireland has so much more to offer. 

mngTours offer a whole other experience entirely, not just scratching the surface. Imagine, no queues, no gimmicks and no other tourists. Our tours give back to the community, we use all local services and resources, we embrace the culture by attending local events and joining other locals in activities. Its makes for a much more enriching experience, one where you make friends for life and feel connected to the Irish way of life. Not only will you experience the Ireland of your dreams but your visit will make a positive impact on the local economy and our culture. Does that appeal to you? 

Your arrival in Donegal will be unforgettable, it will feel like coming home. Imagine arriving by plane to the edge of Western Europe at Donegal airport (just 50 mins from Dublin) to the warmest Irish welcome you'll ever experience. We'd go straight to Leos' Tavern, the home of Clannad and Enya and begin your vacation with some tunes and a whiskey or two, as part of our Whiskey Pilgrimmage, all will be in true Irish style. Each day we'll guide you through our landscapes telling stories that will inspire your imagination, touch your soul, move your spirit, and bring you to a level where you feel the peace of being removed from the frantic pace of modern life.

Europe's Highest Sea Cliffs - Slieve League or Sliabh Liag - Donegal. 

Europe's Highest Sea Cliffs - Slieve League or Sliabh Liag - Donegal. 

I’ve been visiting Ireland for 8 years, and Moira showed me more of Irish Culture in one day than I have ever experienced, it was what I had imagined Ireland to be, but never found it until now
— - Nancy Gardella, Executive Director of Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce
Moira Ní Ghallachóir, founder & CEO of mngTours

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, founder & CEO of mngTours

I was jumping over myself at that comment, it means so much to get that kind of reaction. Ultimately, I started this business when I moved back home to Donegal 3 years ago, after living away for 18 years, because I want to make a difference in my community and my culture. I want to help people get the real deal and not a manufactured version of Ireland or any "Paddy Whackery". I just love hosting Americans, and if there's one thing I've learned it's how proud they are of their Irish roots. I want to honour that, so our tours have genealogists that will research your 'clanns' before you get here, at no extra cost. And lets be honest, for many this is your one vacation in a year. We totally get that. 

People have a dream of Ireland and I want to make that dream come true
— Moira Ní Ghallachóír, founder of mngTours

There's no reason why your dream holiday in Ireland needs to wait any longer, get it from your bucket list and onto the lasting memory list forever, or until you return, because you always return home to Donegal. 

What date are you coming? October? November? Just choose your best date, and we do the rest for you....

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If your visiting Ireland as part of the Web Summit - The Whiskey Pilgrimage is the ultimate experience to combine with a business trip to Ireland. Two days in heaven and Donegal is only 50mins by plane from Dublin!!

In this globalised age, authentic experiences founded on tradition and sense of place are more valuable than ever. What makes mng distinctive is that this venture harnesses Ireland’s cultural and natural heritage as living resources. Rooted in the community, it is the essence of a green business, contributing greatly to ecological stewardship.
— - Finbarr Bradley, educator and co-author of The Irish Edge [Orpen Press, 2013]