7 Crucial Keys to Inspire Your Way to More Sales (without being salesy!)

7 Crucial Keys to Inspire Your Way to More Sales (without being salesy!)

I was out having dinner with my bestie last night and we got to talking about being entrepreneurs and selling. What is it about sales that so many of us dread? I hear the words I hate sales all the time, especially from my female clients. Why is it that so many of us struggle with selling? Is it the fear of someone saying no!? 

If you want to make more sales in your business, here's my crucial keys that if used consistently will inspire your way to more customers:

 1 - Action leads to sales:

If like me, you've spent the most of January setting goals for your business in 2016 – “remember that goals are nothing without action”. Tony Robbins. Taking action is my theme for 2016. Ask yourself what are you doing now that is going to lead to more sales tomorrow? What seeds are you planting, what connections are you making, all of this this action will lead to more sales. There are an abundance of ways to make more sales, and taking action is key to each one. Ask yourself what is action do I take that always leads to a sale? Are you doing enough of that? (share what it is in the comments below)

2 - Being helpful will lead to more sales:

 I see selling as a way of inspiring. I think we forget how important the human connection is in business and for me that's key to new customers. I try to be as helpful as possible and share real stories about people who’ve benefited from my service as a way of inspiring others. Are you sharing those stories? If you do this with consistency you will never have to sell, this is your social proof. If you have to search for your social proof, then you're not making it easy for people to be inspired to work with you .  Social proof is everything according multi business owner Tony Robbins.

3 - Making a difference will lead to more sales:

Customers want more these days and I love that. Things like place, culture, associations are becoming more and more important, and understanding this really makes a difference in what you have to offer. Which would you choose? Made in China or Made in Donegal? Place matters, culture matters, beliefs, values, its all important and will lead to more customers. When I first started I was selling what I thought people wanted, and wondered why it was going just ok. Who wants a business thats just ok? Now I ask what my customers want, I take time and build a relationship and I find out if what I have to offer can make a real difference, and if the answer is yes, I offer my services, its a much more authentic approach. When you can make a difference you can make a profit. Are you using place to make a difference in how what you have to offer is perceived? This can add real value to any product or service. There's a great book by a dear friend and mentor Finbarr Bradley called The Irish Edge. A must read for any business. 

"Lámh dhéannta i nDún na nGall" - Isn't that beautiful? -It's Irish for "hand made in Donegal"

 4 - Spending your time on specific activity will lead to more sales:

I find that businesses are usually missing 3 - 4 big things that would help with sales and finding more customers – when you identify those you can grow your business. 9 times out of 10 I find that what businesses can't see what they’re missing because they're too much IN the business and not enough ON the business. Facebook posting, website management, accounts, admin doesn't count as ON your business so chances are its everything else you're doing and possibly what you do least of that will bring in more sales. A new client I just began working with made following up a priority and within the first week she got a new booking. It’s simple but powerful. Ask yourself what you're spending your time and if it will lead to working with more people? 

5 - Understanding what works leads to more sales: 

That’s what will build your business now. Ask yourself, right now, who can you follow up with right now? Really, go ahead and make a list, I bet someone is waiting on what you have to offer them. Write a list of ten ways you can bring in more business. Look back what worked for you last week, or last month, and do the same, rinse and repeat. In my opinion businesses are often looking for new ways of bringing in sales and not paying enough attention what has worked already and perfecting that. If you pay attention to this, this will lead to more sales. 

6 - Selling the process over what you make possible will NOT lead to sales:

Process is what you do and we business owners are borderline obsessed with what we do, but for our customers its what we make possible that matters to them. Process is not what's going to sell, people will buy what you make possible and you of course. For example the process of my service is business coaching and speaking, what I make possible is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners find more customers by using what they've got right now to grow their business. Ask yourself what do you or your service make possible for your clients? Ask yourself if you are making this clear with perspective customers. When we talk process, people lose interest because your process is not whats the customer is looking for, they want the outcome, what you make possible, the results. Focusing your efforts on this will treble your conversions.

7 - Working on your website and thinking that your working on your business, will NOT lead to sales:

Spending hours on functions and content and using your website as a sort of online business plan is not selling and will kill your chances of profit. Because your attention is not on serving customers, what you have to offer and if you’re not making money, I'm sorry to say, you’re not in business. I see so many business owners and entrepreneurs working endless hours on their website, trying to get it right. In my opinion, almost nobody will find your website and pay for your service straight away not without connecting with you first. So keep your website fresh and have your contact details clearly on the home page and then get out there, attend at least one networking event a week. The more people you meet the more chance of meeting new customers and inspiring them with your amazing service and products. When you have spent time on your sales, then you can spend time on your website. 

Do you know what you need to do to find more customers? If you had to find a new custimer right now, what would you do? 

Moira Ní Ghallachóír CEO & Founder mng Ventures

Moira Ní Ghallachóír CEO & Founder mng Ventures

I specialise in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits. So they can have the increased profits they love that fuels a life they love ... doing what they love! Talk to me today on +353 83 123 0529 or sign up to my mailing list and I'll send you my 7 tips on building your business click here for email. 

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