3 steps to inspire your way to success - without being salesy

The most important key is this: The fastest path to the business and life of your dreams does not go through some complicated outside formula. But from what you’re already good at, and what already makes your heart sing..... Tap into that as well as these steps.

Step 1. Believe in what you do.

When you're confident in what you offer, people have more faith in what you deliver as well, and you will get more clients. This is the most foolproof path to profits. The problem I see most often is that that people think that believing in themselves is self-centered. Despite what you might think, believing in what you’re doing is NOT pushy, desperate, or salesy. In fact, it’s actually the most authentic way to inspire more clients to work with you and grow your business. Believing in what you do attracts clients to you!

Step 2. Find out what your clients want.

Before you think about selling, you have to find out what your clients want. If you don’t know, you’re really gambling with your future. The problem is, most of us don’t know what our clients really want so sales then becomes a nightmare of trying to “get them” to buy. When you know what your clients want, selling is easy because you’re giving them a faster path to what they’re already looking for. This way, before you start, you’re already 60% of the way to “Yes!” and your clients are receptive to offers. 

Step 3. The Personal Touch:  People buy from People

We are all human—we like to support people and brands we trust. When you show up as who you are, you build trust with your audience. Being personal also makes you more memorable, and being memorable leads to more customers. Show your clients you really care about their success, and your sales will increase because your prospects are buying from someone they trust and connect with. People also know who you are and what you stand for, so they feel better about referring people to you. Some entrepreneurs believe that sounding “corporate”, or bigger than you are is the key to profit, but the truth is that this actually stands in your way. Most entrepreneurs are also afraid of picking up the phone and calling prospects, when it’s actually the best way to connect with potential clients.

Enrolling clients by inspiring people is the most personally gratifying and surefire formula to grow your business. My hope in sharing my story and these tools is that you incorporate the principle of “sales through inspiration” to build the business and live the deeply fulfilling life you’ve always dreamt of. Now that is something to aspire to!

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