My 70 thousand euro miracle


“An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause”

2016 - The Year Of My Seventy Thousand Miracle....

Stay with me dear friends,  because I know that sounds over the top! I get it, I know. It might sound ridiculous, unrealistic, impossible and maybe even boastful. But guess what…

It. Is. True.


I. Feel. Proud.

I want to share the secret of my success with you. This is what I was born to do. So, on the final day of 2016 lets spend 10 minutes together and explore what is possible, telling only the truth and looking to the future with clear eyes and a firm footing. Ready?

Tell me - if you went from making absolutely nothing (zilch, nada, zero) to making 70K in 12 months - would you consider that a miracle?  

I did it in 2016 and I’m going to do it again in 2017. You want to know how I can say this with such certainty? Curious about how it’s possible that someone who made zero euro in 2015 could make 70k less than a year later?

I share my secrets with you, because this is what I was born to do. And my greatest wish is that you become the best, most powerful and productive version of yourself in business and in life. You can do it, and I can help you.

In 2016 I faced my biggest fear head on. I had to work hard, steel my nerves and prepare at length but I did it because it was THE major block to my success. I was determined to get my message out to as many entrepreneurs and business owners as possible, but spending hours on social media wasn’t working for me. I have the greatest impact for people in real life, I come alive interacting in person and the magic happens when my energy lights up a room. You can do a lot behind a computer of course, but you can’t do that.

I knew all this, I felt it in every fibre of my being, it consumed me. But I was Terrified. Afraid and Resistant. Of the very thing I needed to do way more of - speaking in public.

I faced the fear head on, I did the work and 12 months later,  I can honestly say that I have beaten it. From January to December I spoke at every possible opportunity at events in locations across Ireland the the USA. And I was really, really good at it - my diary is already getting booked out for 2017.

How Did I Do It?  

  1. I just went for it. I refused to listen to the fear gremlins. I would not let doubt stand in my way. And guess what I found out? Inspiring people to see that they can have the business and life they want beats those fear gremlins to a pulp! Ha Ha - take THAT fear!

  2. I sought help. I know I don’t know everything, none of us do! I love life-long learning, I’lI be growing and learning until the day I die. Bring it on. So, I found someone who already knew the path to guide me.  I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel (no-one does). I could simply apply my own magnetic abilities to a successful blue-print and go.

  3. I kept it simple for my clients. I never tried to make people understand my process or exactly what I do. I made it all about them and tailored it to THEIR business needs. My knowledge, networks and experience could transform their business- the best things is that for many, it has!

  4. I had a structure and strategy in place. This is the WORK. You have to work at your business in a strategic way -  Every. Single. Day. For every workshop, speaking event, group or one to one session I conduct, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath that tip is a huge amount of admin, office work, follow up, list building, research and more.

  5. I developed my brand. I honed my skills. I created a niche. One of the most profound ways I did this was by designing my signature talk. This is my authentic message, it speaks from my heart and it therefore cannot be replicated. I love sharing my story and I love that people all over the world are responding to it with gratitude and respect

I want you to understand something. This doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. In fact, simplicity is key. When you know the steps that are unique to you, that will inspire your way to more clients and profits, you can create the business and life of your dreams.

You can do this. Listen to someone who knows, someone who has been there. From this point on, you get to be YOU.  You get to use your unique talents and abilities and dream big.  What you once thought was impossible has now changed to become merely a foundation for even bigger things in the future.

Because the miracle isn’t that I went from zero to 70K. It’s that I now have the ability to do it again and again and again as long as I want to. And, if you take just one thing away from this blog post, let it be this. You can have it too. It is not only possible for you, it’s within your reach. Do you want to grab it?

Imagine if I had let my fear win and stayed afraid of speaking? Imagine if i was still in the same place I was this time last year? Believe me, I know what it is like - running a business magnifies all your fears, it brings them all to the surface super fast. I sometimes think this journey of being an entrepreneur is like personal development on steroids. It is fast and I love it. I love the person I’m becoming, I love that I’m designing my future on my terms and I love that the more successful I become,  the more I can give back.

Image thanks to my good friend and colleague Iain Miller - Unique Ascent 

Image thanks to my good friend and colleague Iain Miller - Unique Ascent 

Speaking is only only one part of what my business is about.

  • I design business retreats in the coolest place on the planet. #GnóleCroí. #NationalGeographic

  • I act as a destination consultant for companies who want to run events.

  • I have personal coaching clients all over the world.

  • I run an online group for people who want to grow their business.

And the best is yet to come...

Talk to me - I’d love to help you create a vision for what your life and business could be like. I started this blog with a definition of a miracle. But there is no supernatural element to my success, it’s not luck that made 2016 my best year yet. It’s about planning, inspiration, dedication and the right guidance.

It’s time to go, to prepare for the day ahead. I plan to ring in the New Year with good music, great food and dear friends.  I hope that wherever you are reading this, you have heart-led plans in place too. I’m looking forward to going to work on Monday and I cannot wait to share some exciting news with you - I have BIG plans for us in 2017!!!

Will you join me, in real life or online? Will we connect and inspire each-other in at home in Ireland, or someplace in Europe or the USA? I hope so. And more than anything,  I wish for you the best of the best in love, life and business.

Until we meet again, in 2017.

Much love and (real) miracles for us all!

Moira xx

Blian úr mhaith a cháirde gael xxx 

Ps. times 7 :)

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