Three simple steps to find more clients now

Moira Ní Ghallachóir aka mng Donegal

Moira Ní Ghallachóir aka mng Donegal

Why do we keep trying the same thing when we know its not working? I was speaking with a client yesterday who has been in business for 20 years, an expert in her field, in fact one of the only people in her industry who does what she does and yet she struggles to enrol clients - and she said to me, "nobody has any money and nobody wants to spend - I'm just going to keep trying". 

Why do we do this? Why do we keep doing what is clearly not working hoping that something will change, hoping that someone will want our services or hoping that someone tells someone how amazing you are and you get a phone call. And why do we take course after course to up skill and learn but we don't invest the same time or money into learning what will get us paid?! Where's the inspiration in waiting for people to call or waiting for a response? I've learned that selling is about inspiring. When you can inspire your clients, it doesn't matter if they say they have no money, or if its a recession or if its not the right time, if they're inspired and if its important enough - they'll find a way, because people find the money for they want. 

The problem I see with business owners is that they think that throwing enough stuff out there and hoping something sticks, is all they can do - please stop it. This is killing your business, your mindset and your bottom line. Pay attention to what works and become a master at that. When you know what works, you can have all the business you want and its actually fun. I really want to help you find more clients and have the business you've dreamed of. I listen to business owners all day and their struggles and it all boils down to one thing, you don't know what do to find and enrol clients. 

Here's three powerful and simple steps to find more clients to work with you now, don't over think this, just try it, and keep it simple. Start right now. 

1. Find out what your clients want - before you offer your service, ask your clients what they want first. Most of us don't know what our prospects really want and we don''t know how to find out so sales becomes a nightmare of trying to get them to buy. If your clients to hire you then you must listen to what they already want. If you do this, you will instantly connect more deeply and then you can position your service or product as the fastest way to get them where they want to go. If you take the time to ask what your clients want before you even open your mouth you're 60% of the way to a YES because you took the time to ask and you've positioned your service as the fastest path to what they want. Pick up the phone and connect, don't sell, connect by asking what your clients want. Make sense?

2. Stop selling what you do. Stop thinking that you have to come up with a message that really explains what you do - your clients DO NOT care what you do, they care about what do MAKES POSSIBLE for them, the outcome, the tangible results that will have an impact on their business. Trouble is we think that our clients are buying what we do, but they're not interested in that, they're buying solutions and they're also buying YOU not what you do. We're obsessed with what we do, we can't help it, but we need to get obsessed with what we make possible, thats what's going to get us hired. For example, which sounds more enticing: Work with me and I'll help you build your business, we'll meet weekly and I'll support you with all your struggles OR work with me, I'll show you how to double your income with strategies that will bring in 4 new clients every single month. See the difference? Thats what I make possible through business coaching. Start paying attention to your most successful clients, what specifically have you made possible for them? Thats what your future clients want and need to hear. 

3. Have a mindset for success - I was at a networking event recently and I asked someone did she meet any potential clients, her response was "there is nobody in this room for me and what I offer, I know them all and I know they don't have the money for my service. This is the road to NO CLIENTS, no security and no financial freedom. The truth is, in every crowd there will be a percentage of your ideal clients, and whether they have the money or not is not your decision - you cannot judge the inside of you on the outside of someone else. Its crazy. If your mindset and approach is to assume "nobody here wants my service" why even bother? This is a limiting belief that will kill your business and your ability to meet and connect with ideal clients. It's all in the approach, "if you think its no - its no, if you think its yes, its yes" - Henry Ford. Approach every opportunity from a place of yes. Attend every networking event from a place of yes. Thinking yes is a success habit that will help you find more client. 

Magheraroarty, near where we're staying for the retreat

Magheraroarty, near where we're staying for the retreat

Its up to you to inspire clients to see the impact your service will have on their bottom line and create the vision they want for their future. I've learned that inspiration is the fastest way to find more clients, and it means you get to be yourself. This is what I help my clients with and this is what I will be teaching on my next business retreat. 

I'm going to walk you through the exact same strategies I use so you can have all the business you want too. Imagine having all the clients you want that enabled you to pay yourself what you want and have the things that are important to you. Not some day, but soon? 

Imagine how your business could change if you knew how to walk into any networking event, speaking gig or work shop and walk out with clients? And what would it be like to know this wasn't just a one time thing or it wasn't you winging it and you finally had no more fear around sales? Would you be interested in that? 

The only thing that stands in your way, is you. Its always you. But if I can show you how you can stop making this about you, and more about your clients you will start enrolling more clients. One thing that has really pushed me forward, boosted my confidence about what I help with is seeing the results my clients get from implementing the strategies I show them. Thats a fact, always look at the facts because the feelings will mess you up in business, because business is not emotional. 

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