How to avoid panic in your business

Moira Ní Ghallachoir - mng Ventures Ltd Donegal 

Moira Ní Ghallachoir - mng Ventures Ltd Donegal 

Are you like most of the business owners I work with and hate sales? Are you worried that calling a client is being pushy or salesy? You know, sales can actually be fun and transformational - because when a client says yes they are saying yes to all sorts of changes in the their lives right? Imagine if your approach to sales became fun? Imagine how much more inspired you would be to reach out to clients? Wouldn't that make building your business easier? Let me share with you some of the ways I help my clients. 

My clients are very alike, they're all experts in their fields, they over deliver and love what they do. And they are tired of wasting time trying to work out for themselves how to be profitable and grow their business. They want to stop throwing "stuff" out there hoping something sticks. 

I walked out on my job in London four years ago and literally went from 9-5 city life with a roaring social life to rural life in Donegal, Northwest Ireland very quickly. I started my business shortly after that with no background in business, I had worked in charity work with young people and previously sales and marketing. Now I show small business owners and entrepreneurs who hate sales how to inspire their way to more clients and profits so they have panic free businesses because thats what I created for myself. Now, I can bring in as much business as I want month on month and it's not through selling my stuff but inspiring my clients to a bigger vision and being able to help them achieve that vision!

I've discovered that when you can inspire your clients and customers to a vision for what they ALREADY want, selling is easier because you're actually giving your clients exactly what they ALREADY want. Not trying to 'get them' to buy because that's contrived, it feels awful and its exactly why people don't buy. I've literally gone from 'doing ok' to 1200% more in less than 18 months and growing. I want to help you have the same breakthroughs. The good news is its not complicated but that also means the simple paths get overlooked because we think that business is complicated, its not. We make it complicated. Take it from me, business is simple, our emotions around business make it complicated. Get into the habit of asking yourself "'is this a feeling or a fact" - I base my business on facts and it works. 

Here are my three simple yet powerful strategies to inspire more clients and profits that will help you avoid panic in your business:

Talk about outcomes not the process:

Your clients don't care about your process, they care about outcomes. The results. The benefits. The problem is we believe our clients are buying what we do but they're not, they're buying solutions. Are you talking about your process when enrolling clients? If you are, I can promise that you're moving away from a sale. Inspire your clients with a vision for what you can make possible for them and watch your prospects interest and conversions sky rocket. Most business owners believe that clients are buying what they do, but they're not, they're buying the end result. Take the time to get clear on what your clients want before you even think about offering your service. If you don't know what they want how can you inspire them with a vision for what their lives or their business will look like when they get there? Ask yourself right now, what is the outcome that I deliver? Remember, when we travel we don't care about the plane, we care about the destination. Same way your clients don't care about your process so stop talking about it, its boring and they don't need to understand. 

Be consistent:

Its like anything in life, if you keep it up you see results. The problem I see with business owners is that they're not taking consistent action every day to bring in new clients or to follow up with potential clients. So you don't see consistent revenue flowing month to month, its up and down, and you're chasing your tail all the time and this leads to overwhelm, fear and panic. The solution is to take action everyday to bring in new business - I highly recommend the first hour of your day for this, it's when you're at your best and you should invest that time in you and your business. Now the type of action I am talking about is business building action and should include - reaching out to people you've met through networking to reconnect. Picking up the phone to talk, don't pick up the phone to sell because not only is that too much pressure but its also pushy. Connecting on the phone is inspiring for you and your clients and its a much more authentic approach. Build a relationship and schedule a time to have a conversation about working together. Spending time on social media and catching up on paperwork is not business building and should be in the "everything else" category. Don't hide away from this activity because it will mean panic in your business every month, learn it, own it and make a habit of it. Ask yourself how much better off will you be in your business if you take action everyday to make sure you are generating revenue? Give yourself an hour if you can but even 15 minutes can mean the difference between financial freedom and financial panic! 

Figure out what works - don't reinvent the wheel with every sale:

Find what works and master it. Once you know what works you can bring in all the business you want, it also means you don't have to wait for clients to come to you and you're leading your business to financial freedom. One of my clients was in complete overwhelm, because she was always waiting on people to contact her, where is the sense in that? Be the leader, you make the calls, you set the times and you take control. Now, she sets up times to talk and follow up, she's developing a system and its working. No overwhelm. The other problem I see is business owners don't know what steps they need to take to find and enrol a client. This is an absolute must - you have to know what works. Otherwise you're never going to move forward, you're always going to be in reactive mode, this is not sustainable. This is one of the first things I help my clients with and I'd love to help you too. Imagine how much better you would feel about your business if you knew what worked and were working towards mastering that? So instead of going on a social media course or investing in a logo, invest in learning what it is you need to do to bring in the profit you need to get your business working for you not the other way around. If you do, very soon you'll have the kind of business that fuels the kind of life you yearn for and get paid what you deserve. Isn't that why we got into business in the first place? 

Post a comment or question in the box below and tell me which of these strategies you're going to implement in your business. I'd love to hear from you and help you get you past your struggles and closer to the reasons you started your business in the first place. 

Testimonial Time:

I really do love what I do and l love that I can help make a real difference to the people I work with and when they say I helped double sales!? Music to my ears. Below is a testimonial from Lorraine O'Carroll of Peninsula Pottery, Inishowen, Donegal. Check out her website, if you're looking for a unique and world class personalised gift, this is where to get it, made with care, love and local. She turns unique landscapes into works of handcrafted art, each with a story, I love love love.

Working with Moira was more than I expected, you’re skilled and clued in to what my next steps should be. You honed in to my specific needs where I had previously searched online for solutions but these were vague. You helped me change my concept of approaching customers. Making it about them and their needs and not about me needing to sell. You were reassuring, offering alternative methods for business without criticising existing approaches and you provided a practical method for organising admin giving real examples. The follow up calls were great for re- instilling what we originally discussed and my sales at fairs doubled - You didn’t just go the extra mile but the whole ‘Wild Atlantic Way!!
— Lorraine O'Carroll,

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