How to know if emotions are running your business & what to do about it.

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, CEO, - Helping entrepreneurs inspire the way to more clients & profits. 

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, CEO, - Helping entrepreneurs inspire the way to more clients & profits. 

I was talking to a colleague recently who had enjoyed an amazing career in the corporate world selling tech stuff, she was making really good money and living the high life. So when she thought about starting her own business, she assumed it would be just as easy and she would make all the commission instead of lining the pockets of a corporate company. I thought so too....

This should have been simple but it wasn't, the problem was she was now selling "herself" and it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be at all. Being in business is tough, and no matter what you think we are all selling ourselves and people buy from people. And yes it can feel emotional, I hear this from clients all the time. Really feckin emotional. And its not just women or men this is across the board. 

Like when a client doesn't come back to you for weeks when they said they would call on a certain date and don't and you're hanging on that sale and thinking to yourself what did I do, what did I say. Or every time a client says 'no' to working with you - it feels personal - like they're rejecting you. And then there's all the stories of everybody else out there 'killing it' and having wild success and you're thinking what am I do wrong? I'm no good at this. Sound familiar?

You see the thing is, business is not emotional but emotions can take over your business if you let them and its not a pretty sight. You're the leader of your business so take responsibility. The biggest issue I see entrepreneurs facing isn't enrolling clients or selling, or running events, or social media. It's the emotional roller coaster of running a business, now the good news this is easily fixed. 

How come we're never really taught how to deal with that?

I want to share with you some ways that have helped me breakthrough emotional business management and I hope you find them useful too:

1. Focus on the facts.

When you need to do something like lead generation or picking up the phone to connect, that can throw you into doubt and fear. Just ask yourself is this a feeling or is it a fact? The facts will support you to make decisions fast and stick to the them, the feelings will have you going round in circles and doubting yourself. The fact is if you don't do lead generation every day you won't have consistent revenue in your business and you will always be trying to make ends meet and they never will. Its a feeling that you don't like picking up the phone but its a fact that if you don't you will go bust. Nobody is coming to save you. Its a fact that its up to you to make it happen. When a business owner says to me "I don't call people, they call me" I think one thing and that's - is it you or your ego that's running your business? Your ego will run your business into the ground.

2. Stay grounded and don't let success go to your head.

Practise gratitude when you enrol a new client or win a new contract. All too often we get 'elated' and that brings a super high and with the high comes the super low. If we approach our success from a place of gratitude it helps us remain grounded and become more accustomed to enrolling clients and winning new contracts. It shouldn't feel like such a big deal every time, thats what business is about. Plus, when you come from a place of gratitude you think about your clients, they feel more valued and if they feel valued, they're more likely to stay and refer you. I hired someone recently to help me with some online work, I never once felt they valued my business and they never asked if I was happy with the service, so I didn't continue working with them. 

3. If your business is not doing well, take responsibility, don't go looking for blame, it's your fault.

Stop and ask yourself "what can I do to change this or to turn it around". Go into action - not panic. There is no better way to move through hard times than action. Pick up the phone, go to a networking event, book a speaking gig, get out there and make it happen (I've listed all the ones I'm going to below). You're responsible for everything in your business, its hard to get your head around this but when you do it sets you free to work on making it a success. If your business is not doing well, it's not something that's happening to you or that you're not good enough, or unlucky, you're simply not doing enough. What you give you get, that's not rocket science. And if you don't like sales, you're stuck doing something you don't like to build your business. Think about that for a minute. Time to change that thought pattern perhaps? Be inspired by sales by going the extra mile to make sure you help you clients get exactly what they want. If you do this, you will have more client's and that's a fact. 

4. Don't keep all your eggs in the one basket.

Too often I speak to clients who are focusing all their energy on one project or one sale - this is a sure fire way to keep you in frustration and emotional over load. Expect no consistency if you do this, expect to feel like you're going around in circles. When you have many opportunities it's a law of averages, the higher the amount of opportunities the higher the amount of closes. That's science and maths. Create these by working ON your business for a period of time every day. Lead generation is and will always be the most important part of your business. I spend at least one hour or more every day on this, every day. The more people I talk to the less emotional I feel and the luckier I feel. This a central part of my group programme - "Inspire your way to success" 

5. Don't expect your business to love you and don't expect your clients to either.

Its a business and there's always something better around the corner for our clients and sometimes you will lose clients as fast as you enrol them. Thats business. If you take this personal it will mess you up and fill your head with doubts and worries and if you go down that route, don't expect a positive outcome. I see this with clients all the time, they judge the inside of themselves on the outside of their clients. That's a recipe for disaster. It's fine to enjoy being acknowledged by our clients but don't expect validation. If you do you will find yourself on a lonely, empty journey going nowhere. Instead, love what you do, love the lifestyle it makes possible and show gratitude for what your business provides for you every day.

I don't think there's one set way to get over the emotional roller coaster of running a business but I do know that what I've listed above has kept me moving forward and consistent revenue flowing. Basically, I'm saying get out of your own way,  get over yourself. YOU are likely the one thing getting in the way of your own success, once you realise this, you will have all the business you want and more. Once I got out of my own way, clients started to roll into my business and it hasn't stopped. In fact the better I get at the facts of my business the more clients that show up - the ones that are hungry, they call when they say they will, they pay on time and they're ready to take action, you know, the good ones. And funny enough they are always the most successful. If you think emotions are running your business and its keeping you broke, lets talk I know for sure I can help. I've been there too, but once you understand that you can inspire your way to more clients and profits, you will never look back. Remember nobody is going to save you, you have to save yourself, just don't do it alone. I didn't.

Beir Bua


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"Moira helps small business owners and entrepreneurs who hate sales - inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits without being salesy. So they can have the increased profits they yearn for, that fuels a life they love ... doing what they love!"

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, CEO mngDonegal

Moira Ní Ghallachóir, CEO mngDonegal

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“I left my 9-5 job in London 4 years ago, because I felt my soul was dying and I moved back home to Donegal to find that the place I lived was under utilised, unappreciated, with businesses closing left and right. Wildly inspired by the place and the people I was determined to do what I could to bring life back. So I began to work with business owners in the area, to use their talents, resources and abilities to attract groups to the area for adventure and culture packages. And because I helped those business owners to see a bigger vision for themselves, my own business took off. In less than a year of becoming a business coach I went from 2k months to 10k months consistently, I blew my own mind. I can help you do the same. 

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