The One Place You Will Always Find Clients & Customers plus Tools & Tactics for my Tribe

Hey there. How are you?

This is my first blog offering for 2017 and I’m grateful to you for taking time out to connect with me. Thanks to trusty web analytics, I know that there are people dotted in different corners of the world reading these words. Honestly even just the thought of that sends a shiver of delight up my spine!

I imagine us all as a tribe of whole-hearted entrepreneurs working together to be the best we can be - in our community, in our businesses and in our personal lives. I feel honoured to be able to create and nourish you and my wish today is that I contribute to your piece of the world for the better.

me - Moira Ní Ghallachóir - mng - Dunlewy, Donegal 

me - Moira Ní Ghallachóir - mng - Dunlewy, Donegal 

So, where-ever you are reading this, whatever view you can see out your window,  whatever task is waiting for you next, for just right now - STOP. Close your eyes, take a breath and repeat after me.

‘I declare that I am going to make this year, 2017, the biggest and the best year my business and my life have ever experienced’

I make this type of declaration every day.  I have huge plans for my business, new programmes to develop, mind-blowing places to visit, big challenges to meet, learning curves to swirl around and incredible, inspiring people to work with. Some of my ideas have been lifelong ambitions that I have nestled close to my heart for years, others have popped into my mind and appeared in front of my eyes recently. Most of them are already well underway!

I made my world bigger and guess what? It just made room for bigger ideas! Honestly, some days it feels like there is inspiration raining down on me and I need more arms to catch it all!

But this is not a blog promoting random mindfulness or one that makes a sweeping gesture about how easy it is to begin manifesting what you want. No magic wand here folks. However,  I do have a pretty marvellous plan, which I make myself look at and develop every single day.

Often i have to critically re-evaluate it. And that plan has created magic in my life. You add really rigorous strategising to wild, heart-led imagination and then you are at the right starting point!  

Soooooooo….How’s YOUR plan? And when is the last time you looked at it? Does it need a bit of work, some new energy breathed into it? If it does - take another pause and schedule 30 mins within the next 48 hours to go back to it. I know you can manage half an hour.

Ok, good. Well done,  I am proud of you, let's continue.  

I want you to know that at the core of my strategic plan is ‘The Big Why’. For me, ‘The Big Why’ is influenced by a variety of core elements including:

  • I want to help business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits.

  • I’m sick of seeing business owners not getting paid, not making any money, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • I KNOW it just doesn’t have to be that way! I want to it to stop and I know I can help people just like you. It’s what I was born to do.

Every single day I speak to business owners who are struggling with money, confused about their message, drowning in a million foggy things and trying to get ahead without having any real strategy. These are lovely, warm, brilliant people who had a dream and a good idea that they know SHOULD be working but… they are just about making ends meet.

Naturally, that is hard to stomach and the next stage is that they find that they have lost the inspiration, the spark and enthusiasm that made them want to begin business and be their own boss in the first place. They can no longer see or most importantly FEEL ‘The Big Why’.  

The tides have turned, they lose faith and vital energy and before long, the chance of making the difference they wanted to make in their lives.

And hopefully, that’s when they call me.

And we go straight to the heart of the matter - Profits.

Profits appear when you reconnect with the inspirational heart of your business. They don’t  come from tactics alone. Nor do they result solely from relying on tools like marketing. These elements are key (we know that) but without that diamond of inspiration, you cannot sustain the motivation and energy that will allow you to become the leader of your business.

And what can leaders look forward to?

  • Grow their world so big that it fits all the new ideas that are waiting to descend

  • And inspire your prospects to work with you and advocate new business for you

  • And give you that shiver of sheer delight as you watch your business truly take off.

That's when everything you do seems to work in your favor. That's when every action you take leads to something better.

So ... you might be asking:  How do I make this happen?

Well, you can start by asking yourself these three questions:

  • Am I making the difference I want to make?

  • Am I sharing my message? (Do i even know what my message is?)

  • Am I inspired?

If you answered ‘No’ or Erm I’m not sure’ or Huh? to any of these, then we need to talk. No doubt you’re lost in a bunch of gobbledy gook posts and tags in the ocean of the internet.

Frankly there is a whole lot of nothing online that is hard to navigate, wastes time and won’t help you make more money.

If this sounds familiar and if you are really ready to make a change…. then I have an amazing offer for you.

Gnó le Croí - Business with Heart

Taking place this March, 2-4 2017, this is a two day business intensive retreat that will provide you with the inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm to kick-start your business for 2017. Members of my tribe - old and new, will come together in the most beautiful part of Ireland, roll up their sleeves and get into the heart of their business.

You will discover powerful strategies that can have you finding more customers -  literally not months after, but weeks and days, even hours after the event.

This intensive business retreats can be the turning point in your business you've been looking for. And if you don’t have a business yet, but want to create one, you will LOVE THIS!

You’re going to leave Gnó le Croí - Business with Heart, feeling recharged, revitalised and ready for action. I deliver on my promise. I am showing up 100% for you and step by step, we are going to work! I have special guests too lined up as well and loads of content to share.

All of this happening the coolest place on the planet to visit in 2017 as voted by National Geographic.

Need I say more? Check out this link for full info and of course, get in touch if you have any questions.