7 Crucial Keys to Inspire Your Way to More Sales (without being salesy!)

7 Crucial Keys to Inspire Your Way to More Sales (without being salesy!)

I was out having dinner with my bestie last night and we got to talking about being entrepreneurs and selling. What is it about sales that so many of us dread? I hear the words I hate sales all the time, especially from my female clients. Why is it that so many of us struggle with selling? Is it the fear of someone saying no!? 

If you want to make more sales in your business, here's my crucial keys that if used consistently will inspire your way to more customers:

 1 - Action leads to sales:

If like me, you've spent the most of January setting goals for your business in 2016 – “remember that goals are nothing without action”. Tony Robbins. Taking action is my theme for 2016. Ask yourself what are you doing now that is going to lead to more sales tomorrow? What seeds are you planting, what connections are you making, all of this this action will lead to more sales. There are an abundance of ways to make more sales, and taking action is key to each one. Ask yourself what is action do I take that always leads to a sale? Are you doing enough of that? (share what it is in the comments below)

2 - Being helpful will lead to more sales:

 I see selling as a way of inspiring. I think we forget how important the human connection is in business and for me that's key to new customers. I try to be as helpful as possible and share real stories about people who’ve benefited from my service as a way of inspiring others. Are you sharing those stories? If you do this with consistency you will never have to sell, this is your social proof. If you have to search for your social proof, then you're not making it easy for people to be inspired to work with you .  Social proof is everything according multi business owner Tony Robbins.

3 - Making a difference will lead to more sales:

Customers want more these days and I love that. Things like place, culture, associations are becoming more and more important, and understanding this really makes a difference in what you have to offer. Which would you choose? Made in China or Made in Donegal? Place matters, culture matters, beliefs, values, its all important and will lead to more customers. When I first started I was selling what I thought people wanted, and wondered why it was going just ok. Who wants a business thats just ok? Now I ask what my customers want, I take time and build a relationship and I find out if what I have to offer can make a real difference, and if the answer is yes, I offer my services, its a much more authentic approach. When you can make a difference you can make a profit. Are you using place to make a difference in how what you have to offer is perceived? This can add real value to any product or service. There's a great book by a dear friend and mentor Finbarr Bradley called The Irish Edge. A must read for any business. 

"Lámh dhéannta i nDún na nGall" - Isn't that beautiful? -It's Irish for "hand made in Donegal"

 4 - Spending your time on specific activity will lead to more sales:

I find that businesses are usually missing 3 - 4 big things that would help with sales and finding more customers – when you identify those you can grow your business. 9 times out of 10 I find that what businesses can't see what they’re missing because they're too much IN the business and not enough ON the business. Facebook posting, website management, accounts, admin doesn't count as ON your business so chances are its everything else you're doing and possibly what you do least of that will bring in more sales. A new client I just began working with made following up a priority and within the first week she got a new booking. It’s simple but powerful. Ask yourself what you're spending your time and if it will lead to working with more people? 

5 - Understanding what works leads to more sales: 

That’s what will build your business now. Ask yourself, right now, who can you follow up with right now? Really, go ahead and make a list, I bet someone is waiting on what you have to offer them. Write a list of ten ways you can bring in more business. Look back what worked for you last week, or last month, and do the same, rinse and repeat. In my opinion businesses are often looking for new ways of bringing in sales and not paying enough attention what has worked already and perfecting that. If you pay attention to this, this will lead to more sales. 

6 - Selling the process over what you make possible will NOT lead to sales:

Process is what you do and we business owners are borderline obsessed with what we do, but for our customers its what we make possible that matters to them. Process is not what's going to sell, people will buy what you make possible and you of course. For example the process of my service is business coaching and speaking, what I make possible is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners find more customers by using what they've got right now to grow their business. Ask yourself what do you or your service make possible for your clients? Ask yourself if you are making this clear with perspective customers. When we talk process, people lose interest because your process is not whats the customer is looking for, they want the outcome, what you make possible, the results. Focusing your efforts on this will treble your conversions.

7 - Working on your website and thinking that your working on your business, will NOT lead to sales:

Spending hours on functions and content and using your website as a sort of online business plan is not selling and will kill your chances of profit. Because your attention is not on serving customers, what you have to offer and if you’re not making money, I'm sorry to say, you’re not in business. I see so many business owners and entrepreneurs working endless hours on their website, trying to get it right. In my opinion, almost nobody will find your website and pay for your service straight away not without connecting with you first. So keep your website fresh and have your contact details clearly on the home page and then get out there, attend at least one networking event a week. The more people you meet the more chance of meeting new customers and inspiring them with your amazing service and products. When you have spent time on your sales, then you can spend time on your website. 

Do you know what you need to do to find more customers? If you had to find a new custimer right now, what would you do? 

Moira Ní Ghallachóír CEO & Founder mng Ventures

Moira Ní Ghallachóír CEO & Founder mng Ventures

I specialise in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more clients, customers and profits. So they can have the increased profits they love that fuels a life they love ... doing what they love! Talk to me today on +353 83 123 0529 or sign up to my mailing list and I'll send you my 7 tips on building your business click here for email. 

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My Five Biggest Mistakes of 2015, and How I Turned Each of Them Into More Customers!

How fast things can happen in business? Or maybe better put how fast we can make things happen in business. What a game changing year this has been for mng. Business is all about learning and learning from mistakes is crucial and I want to share what I've learned this year. A modest sole trader business which began mid 2013 creating unique events with local services here in West Donegal has grown to 'mng Ventures Ltd. We continue to create bespoke experience tours in Ireland but now we also directly help other small business owners. I've found that most businesses are usually missing 3 or 4 big things that could help them have more successful businesses and find a lot more customers. mng helps identify those and grow their businesses. 

Here's 5 of the biggest mistakes I made in 2015 and how I turned each of them into more customers - making this the toughest but best year in business yet. 

1 -  Planning for 3 years not 3 months:

Ever get caught up in the business plan? I was so caught up in the long term plan I wasn't paying attention to the daily and monthly planning that would bring me closer to my goals. In the last year I've become meticulous in planning my daily activity right down to the hour and its worked wonders. I’m helping more people, I feel in control and have more customers now than ever before both for the tours and coaching. Focusing on a short term plan and renewing that plan every 90 days has turned my business around from some customers to lots of customers from all over the world in a short space of time. I now know exactly how many customers I need and how to attract them. Total game changer. How are you planning for your business for the next 90 days? 

2 - Talking in the third person:

We forget that people buy from people - I've learned that the human connection is everything in business, even more so nowadays in this globalised world. Talking in the third person is both impersonal and it sounds corporate. Being a small business owner is a good thing, be proud of it and don't pretend to be a massive company that doesn't have the time to speak directly to your customers. Sometimes I read BIO’s/About pages and wonder who are they speaking to? It can look as though you couldn’t be bothered to write it yourself. I find with my clients that 9 times out of ten there's an amazing personal story thats not being told, a story that will connect with customers instantly. Nobody likes to be spoken at, being yourself communicates directly with your customers and you wouldn't talk about yourself in the third person over a coffee would you? "So how are things going Moira? Yes Moira is doing fine she's working hard these days and ..... lol - you would never do that so don't do it when communicating online either. I bet you've an amazing story that you're not using in your business. A wise woman once told me, if you tell enough stories in business you never have to sell, imagine never having to sell? 

3 -  Talking about the process not the outcome the process delivers:

As business owners we're all amazing at talking about the process of what we do, we could talk about it all day long, problem is our clients don’t care about the process they care about the results - the outcomes - what’s in it for them basically. For example one of my clients, a tourism business that offers a helpful booking system for hiring bikes, aimed at holiday makers – the booking system is the process – the outcome is “Worry free travel" – how much more interesting does that sound over 'reserve your bike? Talking about outcomes attracts more customers and ultimately grows your business YEAY! When you get your head around outcomes over process customers start appearing everywhere. And this can be as simple as changing the way you talk about your business. Imagine if you were turning business away in 2016 all because you were being more authentic about what your business makes possible? Its that easy. 

4 -  Not being consistent:

Have you ever felt like you're running around doing everything but feel like nothing was getting done and it was stressing your out? Lack of consistency was huge for me, I was doing the headless chicken. In the last quarter of this year I've trebled my customer base through consistent activity. The trick was working out what my business building activities were and breaking that down into clusters. Then I was consistent daily and I promise you the results speak for themselves. The sense of relief when you figure this out is amazing, so simple but so powerful. What key activities do you need to focus on to move your business forward? 

5 -  Not being selective:

We're all guilty of saying yes to everyone who wants to work with us, especially starting out, if they're willing, they're a client. In my experience not being selective is a recipe for disaster. Finding 'just anyone' to work with is a difficult task. Think about it for a second - 'excuse me, can you tell me where I can find anyone please? It's mind bogglingly impossible yet we do it all the time. Now that I've I started finding my ideal clients everything has become easier, marketing, what to say, where to find them and furthermore I'm now learning on a deeper level what makes them tick so I can have a bigger impact. Don't get me wrong, this is challenging but it's worth it. I'm kind of kicking myself for not working it out sooner. I've stopped wasting time and money on trying to speak to everybody and won't work with everybody. "You can help anybody in the world, but you can't help everybody. You need to pick who you want to work with and who can pay you" - Suzanne Evans

So … would YOU like to start serving more people and creating a better lifestyle while you're at it? Some of the results in just the past few months include a motivational speaker who got clearer on her goals and secured her first paying client as a result of our work together. I've helped an entrepreneur with a business idea he has been struggling with for years remove the obstacles that were preventing progress and create a plan of action to get things moving now. A therapist learned about talking about less about their process and focused the outcomes their therapy provides which has resulted in a massive influx of bookings. 

If this sounds like something you’d love to explore, and be considered for the few available openings, just go to the link below to fill out the short questionnaire. After that, if I feel that we might be a fit, I will send a link to my calendar and we can get on the phone for a short chat to talk about how this will work. I have several great options to work with me depending on where you are and where you want to go with your business. And I would love for 2016 to be the turning point for your business you always remember.

Go raibh míle maith agat. 


Donegal, Ireland's winter wonderland

As the year draws to a close and the overall outside temperature begins to drop, county Donegal is transformed into a winter wonderland. From the frost covered mountains high above the shimmering Dunlewy lake to the warming hearth of a traditional Irish cottage. 

I often get emails asking what is there to do in Donegal in winter months. This is mng's list of things to do: 

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5 Donegal experiences - Local, traditional and inspirational

Do you find inspiration around every corner here in Donegal? It's everywhere I go, with the people I meet and the businesses I'm getting to know too! I love to learn about local people, their crafts and experiences, so here's 5 I'd like to share with you, they're also some great gift ideas. 

1 - Kathleen Meehan - is the mighty woman behind 'Authentic Aran Handknit Sweaters', Kilcar, Donegal. Have you ever seen signs around Kilcar for handknit sweaters? It doesn't get more local than this, with the wool comes from the local mill, you can choose any design and colour and it will be sent lovingly in the post to any where in the world. OR you can choose a design and your wool over a cup of tea by the fire in Kathleens house, stunningly located in Muckross.

Kathleen literally puts the 't' in authenticity.

Rooted in tradition and so Donegal, for me its the perfect example of using place and tradition to create a wildly unique experience - served up with a cup of tea and biscuits! You have to go and experience this for yourself. Agus go leor gaeilge sa teach seo fosta. I've a gorgeous hand knitted scarf ordered, picking it up next week. Donnchadh Meehan & Kathleen Meehan don't care that Sarah Jessica Parker is their neighbour "she does a good job and I do a good job, says Kathleen no airs or graces in this house, but always a fire and a good cup of tae! If you're looking for a local handcrafted work of art this Christmas, get your orders in now. Kathleen's unisex designs include, sweaters, cardigans, headbands, scarves, gloves, hell she even knits wedding dresses. Check out her website.

Me with Tristan, what a gentleman and my new Studio Donegal beanie. 

Me with Tristan, what a gentleman and my new Studio Donegal beanie. 

2 - Tristan Donaghy, Studio Donegal: How much do you love tweed? If you're like me, you'll be in awe of the set up at Studio Donegal. Every single step from sheep to shoulder takes place under one roof in the Gaeltacht village of Kilcar. The collection is superb, I loved the styling. I got a full tour of the place. I was pissed off I didn't have my own Donegal Tweed jacket on, its an heirloom at this stage but I treasure it. Watching people working at this craft is an art in itself, I met John, an employee of Studio Donegal who's been weaving happily all his life. This family business is founded on tradition, inspired by place and is is so much more than a shop, its an authentic experience. Love love love. Tristan mentioned looking for people to learn this craft Go visit Studio Donegal. Treat yourself. Tweed would be the most awesome Christmas gift ever! Dear Santa..... 

A peak inside the cutting room at Studio Donegal - love love love

A peak inside the cutting room at Studio Donegal - love love love

Louise Flannagan and her girls 

Louise Flannagan and her girls 

3 - Have you ever checked out the note book selection in TK Maxx Letterkenny, it's pretty cool right? I was looking for a new note book for me and my bff when I heard "this notebook doesn't have any quotes in it", I thought 'who else is into notebooks with quotes' - I turned and saw a little girl with her mum and I said 'I thought that was the little girl who said that, mum said it was! And thats how I met this lovely family - Louise Flannagan and her daughters. Ellie - her eldest was also buying a note book. So we got to talking. Turns out this this is one creative crew. Yummy mummy, nurse and entrepreneur Louise, designs handcrafted works of inspirational art and Ellie is an aspiring blogger and my guess - a future sensation. Ellie asked me about blogging - I heard myself tell her that blogging is about whatever inspires you and it's also about everyone who reads it. Our wee chat inspired me to write this blogpost on the people and places that are inspiring me at the moment.

"Thanks Ellie for reminding me to write about the inspiration that is everywhere, especially little you, full of promise and magical possibilities, happy blogging, I'm here for you anytime if you need a bit of guidance".  

Check out these handcrafted personalised gifts by Louise Flannagan, OurLittle Buttons. 

Diane Cannon, buaiteor An Oireachtas 2015

Diane Cannon, buaiteor An Oireachtas 2015

4 - Ever see someones smile when their dream comes true? There's nothing like it, and thats the thing about dreams, you work hard to make them come true and they do. Bhain Diane Cannon, Falcarragh an chéad duais/first place ag An Oireachtas 2015 sa comórtas ceol Sean Nós. 

Diane does workshops and singing lessons. An amazing experience. Great Gift! She's a beautiful singer. Fáigh amach an bhfuil Diane saor fa choinne ceardlann ceoil sa sean nós. Beidh tú gnoitheach anois! Maithiú Diane! Hup!

Diane's father is John Cannon, landlord at the Gweedore bar Falcarragh - this is a man with vision. He's running a campaign to bring a family home for Christmas from Australia, America or Canada. He's raised the funds through picking up the phone to contractors in London who have a connection with Donegal and asking humbly for their help. He has raised a whopping12k! You see John understands that the 100's and 1000's that are working in London and further afield want to come home more often but can't because of the time and the distance. If Aer Lingus would run a flight from Donegal to London it would BE A HUGE boost to the local economy. More could come home at weekends and spend their money locally in Donegal. "These lads have girlfriends and eventually the girls will move there too because it's just too difficult to keep travelling, that will crush this place altogether". For the last two years the Gweedore bar have been running a night called "Oiche an Immirce" - Immigrants night, it's a night to acknowledge all the immigrants who can't come home and want to, but this year have. This year the event will be filmed by Irish TV in a documentary about immigration. John's an almighty inspiration - give the Gweedore bar a like on Facebook to support their work in the community. Buail isteach acú am ar bith fosta!

5- I saved the best for last:

mng and me have had an amazing year in business and to celebrate, I'm inviting you to a very special Christmas event on the 12th December in West Donegal. This is for anyone who has an interest in community and business and want to wrap up 2015 in a day filled with inspirational talks and amazing content you can use in your business and community projects. Our special guest Finbarr Bradley acclaimed author of The Irish Edge will talk about how "place" and "culture" can create value and authenticity. I will be giving practical tools on how to do this as part of your business or community inspired project. And we will be hearing how whats on our doorstep can create amazing opportunities. This event will inspire you to think deeper about place and culture and how we can use this to attract more visitors to Donegal either through community or business. 

Come and join local people from all over Donegal, expect mulled wine, music and mince pies by an open fire as well as a warm céad míle fáilte. and of course. Tonnes of useful practical content. The day is bilingual, head pieces are provided for English translation. No official openingsno speeches. Come as you are. I chose Sean Teach Niall O Domhnaill because it's rural location, recently refurbished it's a filled with possibility and potential. This event is a dream come true for me, Finbarr is one of my mentors and has inspired me to think deeper about business, and how having a sense of purpose, and place can create value. You will love him too I am sure. Be part of this, I'd love to have your support. For more information click the Book Now button below. Bí linn. 

This special event is complimentary to all of mng's clients, a nominal fee of €30 for other guests & €15 if you're unemployed or in start up. 

7 Take Aways from Donegal Women in Business Conference 2015! #WomenBeyondBorders

Today was my very first event with Donegal Women in Business and it was brilliant, I took my best friend and I'm so glad we went. How cool is it to be in a room filled with other entrepreneurs? 

I got so much from this event I wanted to share:

1 – There’s never a right time to start the journey to self-employment, just go for it. Make the decision, then make the decision right. Just do it! With WIB you have support!

2 – Business is about people, never forget that and its how you make them feel that matters, people buy from people – Be Yourself in business, you sell you best by just being you. Samantha Kelly

3 – I loved this from Leona of Broighter Gold -  "Using what you have in your own place". This is so true, we tend to look beyond what we have in our reach. For me, building my business over the last 4 years, I didn't look further than my place. Place can be so powerful in business. 

4 – You can secure major accounts using Twitter to connect with potential clients, by just using the resources you have to build your business from home, mother of two Leona of Broighter Gold had little knowledge of marketing - she just did it!! I love that. 

5 -  "The days of pension and a job for life are long gone, you can carve out a life yourself in rural ireland and still work on a global platform, inspired by place and bonded with the community in which you live"  – hear hear Kathy Donaghy - Fabulous dress!

6 – Samantha Kelly – You just don’t know where your next customer or client is going to come from, speak to everyone, call everyone, don’t choose and don’t judge. (I met a potential client on the loo today) 

7 - Introducing who you are what you do takes a lot of guts, I loved the opportunity Samantha Kelly opened up today for people to say who they are and what they do. That was powerful and for me one of the most inspiring moments of the whole event! Nice one Samantha. 

A fabulous bit of networking with Donegal Women in Business, roll on 2016!

Ar aghaidh linn in 2016 le Gréasán Gnó Mhná Dhín na nGall. 

Is mise Moira Ní Ghallachóir, I'm based in Gweedore, West Donegal and I've worked my ass off to build my business in tourism. By making difference locally helping people have a dream experience in Ireland. After 4 years of getting to know what works, I'm now helping people build their dream businesses with clients from Donegal to America and all from this wee corner of Ireland. I'm so grateful for my best friend Sally Murphy who without her support and unique creativity and faith in me I would've struggled. Its a simple thing having the support of another woman, but so feckin powerful all the same! 

If you want my weekly tips on building your dream business, click here. 

Slán go fóill. 


Moira Ní Ghallachóir and Sally Murphy - Donegal Women in Business 2015 #WomenBeyondBorders

Moira Ní Ghallachóir and Sally Murphy - Donegal Women in Business 2015 #WomenBeyondBorders

Donegal - Adventure, culture, its a wonderful tincture

I love this business I have created, I love the directions it is taking and I love the impact it's having locally. Just last weekend we hosted 53 international students for UCD ISS with Rock agus Roam

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