mng presents - Gnó le Croí – A Business Intensive Retreat filled with enough inspiration to blow your mind and your business out of the water in 2017!  

Imagine if you had a place you could go to get your toughest business problems solved?

What if you could walk into a one-of-a-kind intensive business retreat and not only resolve your issues, but craft a powerful, custom profit plan that would leave you inspired, energised and above all ... making more money! All in a breathtakingly beautiful location that would leave your spirit renewed and your optimism restored? 

This Business Intensive Retreat is a day and a half of business building workshops, crisp clean fresh air and fun, all specifically designed for small business owners like you in one of the most inspirational places on the planet. The only one of its kind in Ireland.

The truth is, most small business owners struggle with the fact that sales feels pushy so they avoid it and this is why most businesses are not paying themselves anything and living from their business bank account, feeling guilty every time they withdraw money. They struggle to find clients and to keep them so they can't depend on a monthly income stream, because they don't have the right systems in place. They become overwhelmed with the difficulty of managing everything all at once and are often chasing every bit of business every single month - it's exhausting right? If this sounds like you - this business intensive is exactly what you've been looking for. 

We're going to discuss critical questions like:

  • What you need to do to find and enrol clients every single month?
  • How much should you be charging? 
  • How are you packaging your service and does this serve YOU?
  • What is your revenue generating activity?
  • Do you understand the power of your story? 
  • What is your message and what about your movement?
  • Are you paying yourself? If not, not why not, what do you need to do to start?
  • Do you know how much you want to earn or make in 2017? 

In just three years I've built my business from local events to attracting an international audience and now helping small businesses from all over the world inspire their way to more customers, clients and profits. If I didn't set the intention and get clear on how I was going to find clients - this. would. not. have. happened. Sales and enrolling clients, for me, is like the glue that keeps your business together and moving forward. I will share how I've been able to quadruple my client base, make 70k in one year from 'speaking alone' and share ALL the critical action strategies I use to inspire the way to a business and a life I love - without being pushy. And making a big difference with ease and grace. I love what job!

I deliver on what I promise:

This intensive business retreat is time to roll up your sleeves and get into the heart of your business, have all your business questions answered and make 2017 YOUR breakthrough year. Meet my current private and group clients and learn what they're doing to get results, they will be there, so you will learn from them as well. I know this sounds like a lot, but read the testimonials at the bottom of this page, I deliver on what I promise. If you show up willing to do the work, I'm there for you 100% and you and your business will reap the rewards. 

I want you to leave feeling like the giant you are - unstoppable and ready to make 2017 your biggest and best year ever. 

On Day 1: 

Masterclasses for my existing private and group clients from 2pm till 8pm

From 9pm:

Welcome gathering for all attendee's

On Day 2: You'll Discover:

  • The five crucial keys to inspire your prospects's interest from maybe to definitely
  • Understand the power of your story and how this can start a movement 
  • The real message of your business - it's not a clever tag line - its a movement 
  • How to overcome your sales fears and never feel pushy again 
  • How to talk about your business in a way that people want it
  • Daily action that leads to more customers now 
  • Twilight in Donegal is breathtaking, we'll take you on a guided walk to watch the Sunset 

On Day 3:

  • Sunrise walk in Donegal
  • How to bring all this learning together
  • A profit plan to make 2017 your best year yet
  • A new message for your business
  • Profitable and inspiring business commitments for 2017 
  • Blocks will be replaced with new intentions, inspiration and drive 

The actual value of this retreat is €459 - There are just 6 places out of 25 left and the cost of those are €199pp (please note the cost does not include accommodation or food)

Ca háit / Where? Gaoth Dobhair, West Donegal.

A local, traditional experience guaranteed. We have block booked rooms at Teach Campbell, please call and mention Moira from mng for the special B&B rate valid from 1- 4th March 2017 - 074 95 31 545

Béidh fáilte mhór roimh uilig san Ghaeltacht. 

Retreat Includes:

  • A day and a half of powerful, inspirational insights on critical business building actions that will have a massive impact on your revenue
  • Laser business coaching sessions (limited, first come first basis, email us to request your session)
  • Locally guided walking with the infamous Iain Miller of Unique Ascent
  • Refreshments and supporting materials

So if you’ve been looking for a place to ask critical questions, inspiration, and perhaps recapture those initial feelings that drove you into business in the first place or explore new directions. And if you want to discover powerful strategies that can have you finding more customers literally not months but weeks and days, even hours after the event – this is for you! This intensive business retreats could be the turning point in your business you've been looking for.

Leave feeling recharged, revitalised and ready for action. 


I want to do everything to make sure that 2017 is your breakthrough year in business and Gnó le Croí Business Intensive Retreat is the way to make  that happen.


Working with Moira has transformed my whole vision of where my business can go. She has taught me to realise the full value in my service and shown me what the most profitable part of my business is. She’s helped me get comfortable talking about money, without feeling guilty and Securing new business in a faster more effective way. We’re now putting a plan in place of how I can expand my business l to double my income next year.
— Julie Pollock HR, Consult, Derry, NI.

Working with Moira was more than I expected, she honed in to my specific needs where I had previously searched online for solutions but these were vague. She helped me change my concept of approaching customers and selling. Making it about my customers and their needs and not about me needing to sell and provided a practical method for organising my sales. My sales have doubled!!!!!! ­
— Lorraine O'Carroll,

Three months on and I’m clearer about what I want for my businesses and how I’m going to achieve it. I’m earning 5 times more than last year too! Working with Moira has helped build my confidence and self belief along with acting as my accountability partner which is priceless. 2017 is going to be my year and I can’t wait. Thanks Moira.
— Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Catseye Coaching

In the first month we created a plan that resulted in enrolling 5 new private clients into customised programmes and this continued monthly and I now know how to enrol new clients every single month! I know what action I need to take daily to enrol clients, I have a strategic plan that’s unique to my service and understand its up to me how much business I bring in now.
— Emma Porter, Vivid Performances, Buncrana Donegal