About 5 years ago while sitting in a hotel room in Paris I made a decision that ultimately lead me to where I am today. I packed in my job, my fancy lifestyle and headed for the country, with no plan just a want in my heart I couldn't ignore! It was right in the middle of the recession too, everyone thought I was nuts. I did it anyway - and that's how it all started, the entrepreneur in me was unleashed. I always having fun coming up with money making ideas it was how I spent most of my life, now I'm making those ideas real and its working! Who knew?

I've never felt so inspired in a place in my life, from Madrid to New York and Budapest Donegal is where I get my inspiration from. I was lucky to be able to move in to my Grandparents old home that had been closed for years, and it has been the best thing ever. The house needs a lot of work but I'm getting there with help. We're creating an organic garden, we've got some chickens, our own well for water, bog for cutting turf, my cat Roberto, - its all amazing. And for a girl who was hooked on the city life style - this has been the most redefining experience to date. I trusted my instincts, listened to my heart and focused what matters most. 

And of course the entrepreneur in me was unleashed as well when I started a tourism business in adventure and culture. Helping people experience The Gaeltacht region, and that has grown to attract an international market. I specialise in personalised itineraries for travellers who want a deeper connection to places, the people and culture, I find its mostly extended American families and those with special interests and needs that use my service most and of course the corporate market has been amazing. Last year I started feeling like I wanted more, something bigger so I started helping other businesses do what I was doing.

Fast forward 12 months and I'm now working with entrepreneurs from all over Ireland, UK and Australia, and my business is now 20% tourism and 80% helping entrepreneurs find their ideal clients, make a difference and make a profit! I guess I have two businesses. Its mad how taking action can unfold all sorts of amazing opportunities. That’s what I love about business, taking action, moving forward and helping others take action then seeing the results. Some people say its confidence and passion, I say its an innate belief in what I'm doing and building relationships - simple steps with a splash of creativity an emphasis on place and of course trusting your instincts, they will not let you down.

Talk to me about your business, moving home to Ireland or just connect by clicking the contact me below. I love to hear from people and I love to talk. 

Teach Niall O'Donaill, Loch an Iúr mng agus Finbar Bradley Nollaig 2015

Teach Niall O'Donaill, Loch an Iúr mng agus Finbar Bradley Nollaig 2015