a bilingual tourism enterprise (and a labour of true love) started by a woman who had traveled the world and realised that there’s no place like home. Moira moved back to Donegal in 2012, having lived away from home for 15 years. Inspired by the natural beauty and the people in her community, Moira founded mng to specifically drive tourism in Donegal, with emphiasis on the Gaeltcht region. The Gaeltacht is a geographical area on the Wild Atlantic Way, where the Irish language is still very much spoken in everyday life, known as Ireland’s cradle of culture. mng work with local tourism services to provide a range of adventure holidays and cultural tours in Donegal and beyond. 

The Gaeltacht is a place untouched by predictable tourism, where the Atlantic meets the mighty Earagail mountain in a union that breeds adventure, release and true spirit.

Donegal is a paradise, and mng has been created to allow more people to experience their paradise – right here in the beautiful North West corner of Ireland. We have a suitcase of experiences to choose from that will ignite your senses and make you feel alive.

The local language, culture, people and the captivating powerful beauty of the countryside are the mainstay of our experiences. We just add in all the things that you want to do and voilà – you have the perfect break!


Rock agus Roam is an unforgettable adventure with a cultural twist developed by Guests are invited to experience the best that Ireland (and possibly Europe) has to offer in rock climbing, combined with exhilarating hillwalking to places you never dreamed possible – with the most experienced experts to guide you. Sail or sea kayak to our beautiful islands, jewels in the AtlanticWe’re talking about breath-taking undiscovered areas, going off the beaten track, rugged and unspoilt places where golden eagles fly and the views are mesmerising.


Simply breathing in the crisp clean, soul nourishing air. Can you feel it?


Our guides are native speakers so people can practise their "cupla focal" if they want. But no matter what, you won’t miss the craic. has created options that are available as single activities or as part of an overall experience package that you design.


To be more specific; in one weekend you can choose from adventure activities ranging from Island hopping and sailing, to visits to archaeological sites language workshops and Irish céilí dancing.


We keep it simple and local. Tell us what you would like and we do the rest, showing you secret gems along the way. will help you to touch, feel and hear the Wild Atlantic Way in it’s rawest, most beautiful and real state.




Packages include: activities, flights, accommodation, local transport, dining and more.