Fáilte chuig mng - my name is Moira I'm from the Gaeltacht of Donegal in Northwest Ireland. An Irish speaking area that will blow your mind when its comes to culture. I started out just under three years ago creating personalised packages to help tourists experience this part of Ireland. Through building my business I have learned that I can also help other business owners to find more clients and customers. I now work with other business owners privately and in groups by way of business coaching, speaking and leading workshops and instead of generic tours, I specialise in business retreats. My promise to you is plan that will grow your business and for the retreats, an authentic and unforgettable experience with other business owners here in West Donegal that leave you feeling inspired, recharged and in control. 

You can see below the range of tours I've been creating, I do this now by referral only. 

Do you need help in your business? You know that everyone does right? I can help, lets connect on the phone, you can email or call me here. Here's what some of current clients are saying:

“I have signed up, and I am in the middle of a six month business mentoring programme with mng. It is fantastic. In the short space of two months i am heading down a new path in my business. From our first consultation, Moira was able to see the potential that my business had, and we were able to come up with a new direction and plan for the future. I cannot believe how fast I’m heading in my new direction, and how quickly my business and client base has grown. My income is growing and I can see myself in the near future providing employment for others, which will help me to create a better work life balance that i have never had before. If it hadn’t have been for Moira, I would never had identified the potential for new direction in my business. And even if I had, I would probably given up at the first hurdle. Moira provides support and encouragement which is vital when Venturing into a new project. I am excited to see what my next four months with Moira have in store. It’s exciting!!! Thank you Moira”

— Emma Poter, Public speaking coach, Vivid Performances (facebook)

“Being a “one man show” my planning and marketing was all over the show but coaching from Mng has got me to focus on the important stuff and helped me identify digital marketing techniques that work and get me orders. My work performance and digital knowledge has improved massively over the past 3 months and I owe all that to Moira of Mng and the simple and courteous manner in which she coached and coaxed me along to this stage”

— Harold Mc Guinness, Extreme North Events, Donegal www.extremenorth.ie

“I signed up for a three month business mentoring programme with Mng and found it to be of great benefit to me. Through Moira’s programme, I became more focused, goal orientated and ambitious. Moira places strong emphasis on picking up the phone and making things happen. Although scary at first, this approach is the best way to see genuine results. Working with Moira led to my first paid talk and I plan to use what I learned to continue on the road to success. Thanks for everything Moira!”

— Nikki Bradley, Inspirational Speaker and Founder of Fighting Fit For Ewing's'

The Irish language is filled with love. I created this experience to gather like minded others on a remote island to learn a bit of Irish and immerse in our culture. Set for May 2015. 

This tour has been created to pay homage to all the Americans I have met in the last two years who love Whiskey. This experience is all about the stories and the landscape by day and turf fires, music and whiskey tasting by night, in wildly unique settings on the edge of Europe.