“I tripled my revenue within the last 6 months - In less than 6 months I have fewer clients paying me more, so I can spend more time with them. I’m now clear on my message which gives me confidence in telling others about what I do. This business is no longer a dream but a reality because I’ve tripled my revenue. I now know that I can earn a living and start paying myself and I know how to track results so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.”
Audrey Dalton

Pawtrait Ireland - Co. Wicklow

“3 new high paying clients within 6 weeks - Moira helped me get crystal clear on what I needed to do, we created a plan, and I literally secured 3 new high paying clients on 3 month contracts within the first 6 weeks of working together. That gave me the confidence to finally leave my job and really go for it on my own. None of this was possible before. I now have no choice now but to succeed and I’m driven to put the financial fears behind me once and for all.”
Patrick Keeney

Green Golf Travel - Co. Donegal

“I have tripled my income. Since working with Moira I’m focused on growing my business and exciting my audience with the way she crafted my message. It makes an impact and has them wanting to work with me. I can see a steady 10k a month income and a 6 figure business that I have dreamed of happening soon”
Marty L. Ward

Coach & Consultant - Orlando Florida

“That Audi I once dreamed of seems possible! Before working with Moira I wasn’t seeing my business as a business. I wasn’t ‘out there’ and I didn’t stand for anything specific. Now, I have a powerful message, I can get on the phone and connect with people without feeling salesy, I know what to do. I’ve enrolled 2 new clients in the last 6 weeks alone and I can see clearly how I can do that over and over, so that Audi I once dreamed of seems possible!”
Orla Mc Laughlin

Health By Orla - Co. Dublin

“After just 3 months I’m making 7K per month. I didn’t really believe that this was possible before speaking to Moira. 10K per month is definitely in sight! Everything just aligned once we got clear on a vision and the path towards the vision, and that happened in the first few sessions.``
Yvonne Dillon Murphy

“We invest so much in education but the big huge missing link that Moira fills is how to get paid for what we know. The big result for me is that I have a clear message with no more jargon, I have a strategy to enrol clients without feeling pushy or salesy and I doubled my investment in 6 months. It’s great. What Moira offers is bang on. ”
Mary O'Brien

Life Coach - Trim, Co. Meath

“Before Moira I was ready to give up on my business. I thought I had tried everything and nothing was going to work - ever. I was wrong! In just 6 months I’ve made double of what I made the entire year last year. I went from 1k months to 6k months, I’m working less hours and even my relationship has improved. Now I have a higher quality clients who pay me on time. I’m super clear on my message and I have a signature talk love. I’m no longer afraid, I get it now, I’m so inspired for more.”
Michele Malo


“Your retreat - Gnó le Croí / Business with Heart - Had a such a massive impact on my life and business. I went from playing small in three figure deals, to dreaming so big I’ve blown my own mind with 4 figure deals. I’ve had the most amazing experiences of my life since the event, and I never would have had these opportunities if not for your inspiration to dream BIG. Thank you so much.”
Findabhair Ní Fhaolain

Finns Fit Food

“In 6 months, I’ve doubled my income and on my way to tripling it. I now focus on consistent activity that generates profit. No more overwhelm or procrastination, my leads are mapped out and I’m clear on my message and where my business is going next. I also know how to value my time and that feels so good”
Mags Boland

Bofin Consultancy - Limerick

“Working with Moira showed me a pathway to a 6 figure business this year. In just 7 weeks I earned over $10K working with new coaching clients in new packages. I’m clear on my message, I have a signature talk, and I can talk about my business in a way that people want it. I know I will build a 7 figure business in coaching - she is amazing”
Jen Coffel


“I had such a strong gut feeling that working with you was going to turn my business around and I am so glad I trusted that feeling — In just 8 weeks I’ve made €3000! I feel I am only on the cusp of what the possibilities are, because of your help. It is exciting, and exhilarating!”
Denise Christie

Health & Harmony - Galway

“I went from having zero bookings for my new retreat centre in Donegal, to 20k plus in bookings within 6 months and a clear plan of how I can do that again and again. I’ve learned how to market my business and without feeling salesy and I can communicate what my place has to offer, in a way that people want it”
Candy Verney

The Song House, Falcarragh, Donegal

“In 3 months – I doubled my income & a speaking gig in the USA

Working with Moira has been the single best business decision I have made! In 3 months, I went from being not sure where business and money was coming from, to developing a system that brings me consistent leads and revenue and it builds month and month. I can see great things for my business in 2017 and that is in no small part due to Moira. Not only has she improved my business, she has also helped me reach my goal of getting a speaking opportunities in America. Something that I know will take my business to the next level. If you want to make more money, have a better business and feel excited about your business again, talk to Moira! It’s costing you not to!!”

Emma Boylan, Outside the Box, Donegal

“Moira helped me focus and recognise the importance of consistency in business.
Seeing results through her guidance grew my confidence, which was invaluable. She was a fantastic motivator and supporter which was so important, I highly recommend working with her.”

Claire Brown, Studio Brown, Dublin

“Earning 5 times more than last year”

It’s funny how investing in yourself or your business can be the last thing you consider when you’re business isn’t doing as well as it could but that’s what I did when I signed up with Moira and it’s the best decision I have made. I’m clear about what I want for my business and how I’m going to achieve it and I’m Earning 5 times more than this time last year. Working with Moira has helped build my confidence and self belief along with acting as my accountability partner which is priceless. 2017 is going to be my year and I can’t wait. Thanks Moira.”

Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Casteye Coaching, Wicklow

“Working with Moira has transformed my whole vision of where my business can go. She has taught me to realise the full value in my service and shown me what the most profitable part of my business is. She’s helped me get comfortable talking about money, without feeling guilty and Securing new business in a faster more effective way. We’re now putting a plan in place of how I can expand my business l to double my income next year. Moira is a true professional and if you are willing to put the work in, results will follow. I would highly recommend Moira from to anyone who wants to re-evaluate where they are heading with their business”

Julie Pollock HR, Consult, Derry, NI.

“Moira has completely opened my mind to what is possible in business when you know what you’re doing. I’ve delved more into myself and what I really want to for my business and my clients in the last 3 months than I have in all the years I’ve been in business. I’ve enrolled new clients with the strategies I’ve learned. I have a signature talk and a powerful message specifically for my target market. Its given me a plan and a blue print that I know will build my business to how I want. The support, encouragement and knowledge I gained is amazing, I’d highly recommend Moira to anyone who wants to take control of what they want, she can help you make it happen, and to do so with some style and elegance. Hope really doesn’t build a business””

Iris Rowntree, Style Consultant, CEO at Style By Iris, N. Ireland

“4 new clients in 90 days!!

In just 90 days I’ve enrolled 4 new clients into customised programmes and I know the strategies I need to have the business I want. The big thing for me was the confidence to stand up in rooms filled with people with a message that had impact. Now, I can talk about my business in way that gets people excited because I have the right message for my ideal clients – for me that’s priceless. Moira helped me see that being personal and connecting with people without being salesy was the best way to find clients and it works. And she helped me do all of this without a website!!! I value what I have to offer now because I’ve worked with a few high profile clients in the events industry. I can get the business connections I need for my social media photography myself. My clients are happy and I’m happy! Best investment I’ve made in myself and my business”

Marie Clare Byard, Byard Inspired, Dublin

“When I met Moira I told her that my company had a great record of success working with clients once we came into contact with them, the problem for me was getting into contact with them in the first place. I was effectively waiting for clients to contact me, rather than offering to help clients; this was the problem, Moira helped me to see sales as simply talking to people and offering to help them, I had never look at sales that way before. Working with Moira helped me to develop a new comfort zone – sales! The second big thing that Moira did was to develop metrics that kept track of sales activity and directly related it to revenue. Finally Moira showed me that routinely adding revenue generating activities into my already hectic schedule was the best way to ensure a steady revenue stream. I chose Moira because of her energetic attitude to business and I was not disappointed with the results. I was delighted with the experience of working with her. ”

Joan Lafferty, Northridge Quality & validation, Letterkenny

“I’ve had loads of coaching and mentoring in the past but the short time with you has resonated with me more than any of others. I’m now completely motivated to start moving forward.”

Trish Kelly, FLP Global

“Working with Moira was more than I expected, she’s skilled and clued in to what my next steps should be. She honed in to my specific needs where I had previously searched online for solutions but these were vague. She helped me change my concept of approaching customers. Making it about my customers and their needs and not about me needing to sell. She was reassuring, offering alternative methods for business without criticising existing approaches and provided a practical method for organising admin giving real examples. The follow up calls were great for re- instilling what we originally discussed and my sales at fairs doubled – You didn’t just go the extra mile but the whole ‘Wild Atlantic Way!! ”

Lorraine O’Carroll,

“This was my first business retreat. I am absolutely thrilled that I was part of it. From the moment I arrived, I felt very much part of something. I felt very comfortable speaking openly in the small group and was encouraged to do so. Fear held me back for a long time when I started my business. We over complicate things and business really isn’t complicated. I learnt that we can have a simple structure in place making our work something that we should enjoy. Moira’s energy and enthusiasm is so inspiring. She wants to see others do well and more importantly love what they do. It was a real pleasure to be part of this retreat and the scenery and setting was absolutely perfect. So if you are unsure of where you are with your business and find it all overwhelming, this retreat is a must for you.
I learnt that I should settle for nothing less than I want and more importantly how to fit my job into my family life and not the other way about. I would urge anyone considering it to Go for It.
You have nothing to loose but everything to gain

Margaret Rose Gallagher, Dungloe

“Gnó le Croí was a delightful and unique way to experience a business retreat. Moira’s ‘guidance’ and her true desire to see all our businesses thrive, provided me a perfect opportunity to reflect, share, brainstorm, and be challenged to grow my business with renewed ‘heart’, passion and purpose, surrounded by the invigorating landscape of Donegal. I definitely was inspired to take new actions that are guaranteed to have new results. I recommend it highly”

Eileen Forrestal, Get Up and Go Diaries, Annual event takes place in Sligo 22nd October 2016

“The biggest turning point for me from working with Moira was, the fact that she helped me see a lucrative revenue stream where I could work privately with clients helping them with public speaking. In the first month we created a plan that resulted in enrolling 5 new private clients into customised programmes that we designed together that made sure my clients got the results they needed fast. The private support has kept me moving forward with building my business and its great to know ‘m not doing it alone. I now understand the concept of return on investment, for time, money and events. I know what action I need to take daily, I have a strategic plan that’s easy to follow and unique to my service so I can help people with their public speaking.”

— – Emma Porter, Public Speaking Coach, Vivid Performances, Buncrana Donegal

“I have heard Moira present on a number of occasions; her energy and enthusiasm for the subject of showing businesses how they can grow & improve is infectious; speaking from recent personal experience her suggestions as to what businesses can do are refreshingly straightforward, practical and immediately implementable. ”

Anthony Boyle-Tax Assist Accountants, Donegal.

“I didn’t have any experience of marketing, and because of that I didn’t know where to start with regard to getting more customers. Moira set easy to reach goals for me at first, and with her help I now have a definite structure to each day where I have specific tasks to complete. I realize the importance of consistency for productivity. I also realize how crucial it is to be yourself when dealing with customers instead of trying to portray a “corporate” image. Since I began working with Moira I’m much more confident, I’m focused and organized on a daily basis and I’m now able to undertake many marketing activities that before this I would not have dreamt of tackling before this support. ”

Nora Gallagher, Ireland by Bike

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Moira for providing a fantastic learning experience. The course has enabled me to move on from a collection of abstract ideas to a concrete plan that has a good chance of success. The input of other course participants has also been invaluable and there are exciting networking opportunities for the future.
Sitting in the corner and complaining about the state of the nation achieves nothing and the era of large manufacturing industry in the area has ended for now at least. A prosperous future depends on the collective efforts of small indigenous businesses and people working together for the common good. I hope that Údarás na Gaeltachta and other agencies will make full use of the valuable expertise and genuine commitment that is on offer from mng.”

P.J. Ó Domhnaill.

“Being a “one man show” my planning and marketing was all over the show but coaching from Mng has got me to focus on the important stuff and helped me identify digital marketing techniques that work and get me orders. My work performance and digital knowledge has improved massively over the past 3 months and I owe all that to Moira of Mng and the simple and courteous manner in which she coached and coaxed me along to this stage”

Harold Mc Guinness, Extreme North Events, Donegal

“I signed up for a three month business mentoring programme with Mng and found it to be of great benefit to me. Through Moira’s programme, I became more focused, goal orientated and ambitious. Moira places strong emphasis on picking up the phone and making things happen. Although scary at first, this approach is the best way to see genuine results. Working with Moira led to my first paid talk and I plan to use what I learned to continue on the road to success. Thanks for everything Moira!”

Nikki Bradley, Inspirational Speaker and Founder of Fighting Fit For Ewing’s’

““It is a feeling of stepping into a time machine as I heard the history of the kingdoms and Irish people while standing on a hilltop by a thousand year old monastery surrounded by mountains covered in mists, looking out across green valleys of sheep that stretches to the North Atlantic ocean.
The laughter of everyone as we sat in a real thatched cottage sipping tea sharing homemade bread and rhubarb jam by a peat fire is just one of the many memories I made on this trip. I’m coming back Moira and always with mng Venture tours”

Alberta Wasden South Carolina. August 2015

“MNG put together a personalized tour of Donegal. This tour was fantastic at allowing me to see the land and its features for its rich history from neolithic times to today. The primary expert was Brian Lacey. An expert on Collum Cille in Donegal he is. His forty year career in archaeology was the basis for illuminating walks among stones, high crosses, wells, streams, fields, hills, and trails. He brought the history of forgotten kingdoms to life and showed the reverberations in the culture of the people today. We learned about Collum Cille and the many stories and legends about him. We saw the evidence of how the pre-Christian god Lug and the customs surrounding that god influenced the stories and acceptance of Collum Cille. Not only did Brian explain the evidence, he explained what other scholars believe and drew us into our own speculation about all this history. The tour included more local experts along the way who exchanged stories and theories, local to the area and their ancestors, with Brian and us, bringing the legends even more to life. Our safety and our wants and needs were completely attended to by the MNG staff, the bus driver, and the hotel (Ostan Loch Altan). With this rich diet of activity and learning came humor and fun. We were entertained by traditional Irish song and dance at many occasions. Also, we had tea in an actual seaside cottage where we sampled (at our option) and learned about products derived from seaweed in old recipes.

In addition to the main tour, MNG added some experiences before and after the main tour which helped me explore the area and its people.

The whole experience allowed me to bond with the fellow travelers on the tour as well as many locals who live in this enchanting land.

I enthusiastically recommend this tour or others put on by MNG. You will see parts of Ireland in a way you have no other way to experience.”

Rodney Aldrich, New York – August 2015

“I brought a group of friends up to visit Donegal in 2014 and it was brilliant. We all love the outdoors and many of the group do a lot of hiking, surfing and kayaking in Clare, Galway, Mayo and Sligo. I was very keen to show them Donegal and they were honestly amazed by the quality of the beaches and by the area in general. They’ve been raving about it ever since! I think it’ll be a feature of our summer plans for years to come.

As we were a large group (16), it initially seemed like it would be to hard to organise accommodation, activities, etc. – until we found! Moira is helpful, informative, welcoming and highly passionate about what she does. She offered us a fantastic range of activities and organised our accommodation and itinerary promptly and professionally. She was always really positive and obliging and couldn’t have made things easier for us.

As for the activities themselves, they were fantastic. We had a great day on the water, including sea kayaking and island hopping. Everyone we dealt with was really friendly and genuine, and the whole experience was just brilliant. We’re hoping to go back again this year for more of the same.

Overall, mng gave us a fantastic experience in Donegal with little or no fuss and at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend mng to anyone.”

Aodh O’Gallachóir – Gael Chultúir, Dublin

“Just wanted thank you again for coordinating a great weekend. Had a blast. We will have to repeat again next year!
And I really appreciate you offering Siobhan + 1 a day of activities. She was sorry to have missed out. You’re opening up the best donegal has to offer in a professional and coordinated way. I think its fantastic and if you ever need my help with anything let me know. ”

Ronan Doherty, Electroroute, Donegal, Dublin, Paris

“Ghlac mise páirt in ceann do na chead Rock agus Roam’s anuaraidh. Thug sé spreagadh do cúrsa in dreapadóireacht a dheanamh. Bhí an craic ann agus na daoine sound!”

— Conor, Donegal & Belfast.

““I am not an adventurer nor a gaeligor but I had a fantastic time rocking and roaming in the Gaeltacht with mng. everything was organised really well and Seamus gave me a big stick to get up the hill . I felt like an adventurer by the end and got some gaelige on my tongue too. Go Raibh Maith Agat”! Louise Ozbay, Strabane. Sept 2013”

Louise Ozbay, Strabane.

“Hailing from Donegal myself I was a little embarrassed to discover that we had such amazing outdoor adventure opportunities on our doorstep that I was unaware of! All credit to for developing local and national tourism with Rock & Roam sa Ghaeltacht. A really fun weekend that I would highly highly recommend!! Roxanne Keaney, Letterkenny/Dublin. ”

Roxanne Keaney, Letterkenny/Dublin. May 2014

“The climb is challenging and exhilarating, hanging on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It’s both exhausting and invigorating, a great experience, would highly recommend it”

Howard Chu, L.A & Donegal.

““I was a bit apprehensive about the hill walking at first, being a local myself and needing a guide, but when we were out there and Séamus was able to share such knowledge of the area and of the earth, it was definitely worth every penny and definitely doing it again!”.”

Suzanne Comerford, Ballyboffey

““Thanks for organising the Rock-climbing with Ian and the Hillwalking with Seamus throughout this weekend we really enjoyed Rock & Roam. It was wonderful and brilliantly organised from start to finish. Such a great night at the Cabaret Craiceailte on Saturday to top it all off! Will deffo be back, keep me posted of future events!!””

Sally Murphy, Letterkenny, September 2013.


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